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Random Word Generator Wheel

1. Overview of the Tool

This wheel is a free and easy-to-use random word picker wheel. It randomly generates words and puts them on the wheel for you. Spin the wheel, and the tool randomly picks a word for you. You can edit the wheel to add your own words or remove existing ones. This tool is perfect for sparking creativity for drawing and song-writing.

This tool is specifically designed for adding random words combined on a wheel. For creating a custom picker wheel from scratch, visit our base picker wheel. You can also use our alphabet wheel to randomly pick letters.

2. How to Use It

The wheel is straightforward to use.

Each time you press the "Add random words" button, you can add up to 100 words to the wheel. To add more than 100 words, simply press the button multiple times.

2.1. Initial Setup

  1. To start with a blank wheel, press the "Clear wheel" button. This action removes all existing inputs from the picker wheel. Random word wheel editor
  2. Enter the number of words you want to add in the "Number of words" box, which is set to "10" by default.

2.2 Editing your wheel

Since the generated words are random, they may not always align with the theme you're aiming for. You can manually edit or remove entries on your wheel using the Wheel Editor. It also supports adding words yourself manually.

  1. Press the "Edit wheel" button to open the "Wheel editor". Editing the wheel inputs
  2. You can now fully edit your wheel using the Wheel Editor. For a detailed guide on using the editor, please refer to the "How to Use" section on our homepage.
  3. When you're done making changes, press the "Edit wheel" button again to close the editor. Expanded wheel editor

3. Other settings

To change your wheel's colors, spin duration, sound settings, and more, press the "Wheel Settings" button. A detailed explanation of these settings can be found on our homepage.

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