Random Spinner Wheel - Spin The Wheel and Pick An Input

1. What is HeySpinner?

HeySpinner is an exciting random spinner wheel tool that helps you make decisions in a fun and random way. By spinning the wheel, it selects a random option for you. You can easily create a customized wheel by adding names, words or inputs, and hitting the "Spin" button. Best of all, HeySpinner is completely free to use, and you can create unlimited wheels!

HeySpinner can be used in various ways such as:

  • Random name picker
  • Random team generator
  • Roulette wheel
  • Random number generator
  • Random word generator
  • Raffle picker - ideal for raising money at charity events

Moreover, HeySpinner is a versatile tool that can be used in many contexts such as:

  • In the classroom. Instead of using an alphabetical list of names, use the wheel to pick a random student to hold a presentation.
  • In sports. Putting together a team can be a challenging task, use HeySpinner as a random team generator.
  • With friends or family. Whether it's deciding who pays for the pizza or what movie to watch, spin the wheel and let HeySpinner make the choice for you.

Try HeySpinner and make decision-making fun and exciting!

2. How to use Spinner Wheel

2.1 Creating your wheel

Adding inputs

To get started with your wheel, the first thing you need to do is add inputs. These can be anything from names, words, numbers, and more. To add an input, simply navigate to the "Edit wheel" section and enter your text.

You can also customize the size of your input by adjusting the "Size" field. Keep in mind that the size is always relative to the other inputs you provide.

For instance, let's say you add three inputs to your wheel. Two inputs have a size of "1", and one input has a size of "2". In this case, the two inputs with size "1" would take up a quarter of the wheel each, while the input with size "2" would occupy half of the wheel. The larger the size you set, the greater the probability of it being selected when you spin the wheel.

Adding an input to your Random Picker Wheel

2.2 Spinning the wheel

After you have configured your picker wheel, it's time to put it to use and start spinning! Simply press the "Spin" button located in the center of the wheel or press on the wheel itself to initiate the spin. As the wheel spins, a random input is selected from the choices you have added.

Spin the wheel by pressing it

Once the spin is complete, a modal displays the selected input, such as a name or number. You can either remove the selected option from the wheel by pressing the "Remove" button or spin the wheel again by pressing the "Spin Again" button. Note that no inputs are removed from the wheel by clicking "Spin Again." If you prefer to view the wheel instead, you can close the modal by clicking anywhere outside of it.

Selected input picked by Spinner Wheel

2.3 How to update your Spinner Wheel inputs

If you ever need to modify your wheel inputs, simply navigate to the "Edit wheel" section again. It allows you to make changes to the text of your segments and adjust their sizes. Additionally, you can show/hide a specific input by selecting/deselecting the checkmark next to the input, or remove it entirely by pressing on the "X" button.

Updating Wheel Inputs

2.4 Showing and hiding all wheel inputs at once

You can manage the visibility of all your inputs with the "Show All/Hide All" feature. Located in the upper right corner of the wheel editor, you'll find a checkmark button that toggles the visibility of all wheel inputs.

Showing or hiding all inputs at once

When all inputs are visible, pressing this button will hide every input on your wheel. If all inputs are already hidden, the button does the opposite, displaying all inputs again.

Remember, this function does not delete your inputs - it merely changes their visibility on the wheel.

3. Customizing your wheel

Spinner wheel settings button

You have the flexibility to customize your picker wheel according to your preferences. To begin, simply press on the "Settings" button (which is identified by a cog icon) to access the wheel settings. From there, you can customize the following settings:

  • The color scheme for your picker wheel HeySpin wheel color palette settings
  • The duration of the spin time Spinner wheel general settings
  • Sound settings
    • Tick sound enabled
    • Select sound enabled

4. Copying a list of inputs to HeySpinner

To copy and paste multiple inputs at once to your spinner wheel, use our "Copy & paste inputs" feature. It works with a variety of sources, such as Excel, Google Sheets, CSV files, and other text-based formats. This feature is particularly useful for activities like giveaways and classrooms. For example, teachers can quickly add a list of student names from their student names file to their spinner wheel using this.

We also made a video tutorial on how to use the "Copy & paste inputs" feature. You can watch it here.

4.1 Open the "Copy & paste inputs" window

To access the "Copy & paste inputs" window, go to the "Edit wheel" section and click on the "Copy & paste inputs" button in the upper right corner.

Copy and paste multiple inputs to your spinner wheel. Great for giveaways and classrooms

4.2 Copying your inputs

Once the window opens, open up the file that contains your inputs, such as a Google Sheets file. Select all of your inputs from the file. If there are multiple columns, select only the column that contains the inputs.

You can also select a second column with sizes of the inputs, but this is optional. After selecting the desired rows, you can copy them to your clipboard.

Copying wheel inputs from Google Sheets

4.3 Pasting your inputs and adding them to your wheel

In the "Copy & paste inputs" window, paste the copied inputs into the text box. The inputs will automatically be shown in the preview section so you can see how they will appear on your spinner wheel.

When you're ready, press the "Add inputs" button. That's it! Your inputs will now be added to the wheel and you can start spinning.

Pasting wheel inputs in the text box, previewing them, and adding them to your wheel

5. Sharing your wheel with others

Account required

Sharing your custom wheel with friends, family, coworkers, or followers is easy and convenient. To access this feature, ensure you are logged in to HeySpinner. Next, either save your current picker wheel or open a previously saved wheel.

Open the Share Wheel menu in the header

5.1 Open the "Share wheel" window

To open the "Share Wheel" window, press the "Share Wheel" button in the menu. This brings up a new window where you can generate a link to your custom wheel by pressing the "Copy Link" button. The link is automatically copied to your clipboard.

With the link copied, you can now effortlessly share your picker wheel with anyone you choose! Simply paste the link in an email, send it via WhatsApp, or share it through your preferred platform.

Copy the link to your wheel

6. Saving & loading your spinner wheels

Account required

6.1 Saving your wheel

First, ensure that you are logged in to your HeySpinner account. If you are creating a new wheel from scratch, click on the "New wheel" button. This isn't a necessary step if you wish to save a wheel you've already been working on.

Save your spinner wheel button

Once you have configured your wheel to your satisfaction, press the "Save wheel" button. A pop-up window will appear asking you to provide a name for your wheel. After typing the name, press the button below to save your wheel. Done! Your wheel is now saved to your account, and you can access it from any device, anywhere you log in.

Save your wheel window

If you need to update a previously saved wheel, it's a breeze. Load your wheel, make the necessary changes, and press the "Save wheel" button again. Your wheel will be updated, not saved as a new one.

Please remember, if you aren't logged in, your wheel will only be saved locally in your browser. This means that if you revisit HeySpinner later, your wheel will load automatically, but only in the same browser on the same device where it was created. Clearing your browser data without saving your wheel to your account will result in losing your wheel.

6.2 Accessing your saved wheels

Load wheel button

When you're ready to use one of your saved wheels, simply press the "Load wheel" button. This opens a new window where you can see all your saved wheels. To load a particular wheel, find it in the list and press the corresponding "Load wheel" button.

If you need to delete a wheel, you'll see a "Delete wheel" button next to each wheel in your list. We want to avoid accidental deletions, so you'll be asked to confirm your decision if you choose to delete a wheel. This way, you won't lose any wheels by mistake.

Load or delete your picker wheels

Creating a HeySpinner account

You can easily create an account by visiting the registration page. Once registered you can login here. HeySpinner also supports signing in with your Google or Facebook account. With an account, you can save, load, and share your spinner wheels, along with other features. Edit your account settings on the user settings page.

HeySpinner updates

We constantly improve the spinner wheel with new features and improvements. Keep up with the latest updates on our changelog page. If you have suggestions or feedback, feel free to reach out via our contact page. We always appreciate your input and messages!